Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Initial artwork by Joseph Wallace

Pedah & Johanus.

Initial character sketch.

Project Outline

Information about the project from the original Live Performance Commissions proposal:

Two men are being held by an authoritarian state for an unspecified reason. Locked in a projectionist’s box with reels of film they have been told they must piece together, they set to work arranging the events into a narrative. However, it soon becomes apparent that the film mirrors their own predicament. As they struggle to find a conclusion that will satisfy their captors, they become acutely aware that they are not only making a film, but determining their own destinies.

We want to explore the potential of animation within live performance. By ‘animation’ we mean it in its broadest sense; from drawn-image to stop-motion, collage to constructed sets and puppets. We are not talking about ‘cartoons’; this is not for children. Nor do we want to just project onto a flat screen – we’re interested in exploring how animation, drawing, puppetry and moving images can be fused within a live performance. These visuals will always be intrinsic to the piece, not superfluous visual ‘tricks’; they will support the narrative and progress the story.
Possibilities: A man sprouts wings and flies away; puppets from stop-motion projections enter the performance space and interact with characters; gauze screens obscure the ‘real’ world and reveal animated imaginings; shadow puppetry on a huge scale to create epic monsters; manipulation of performers as puppets – as the two men argue they take to forcibly animating each other to get their own way; drawing on stage to create forms/shadows; sparklers used to create fleeting moments of drawn imagery: a door, a bar, the moon; projections across the floor depicting maps which are then animated – a needle weaves across the space sewing two countries together, a performer picks up the needle, it becomes a gun, he is protecting himself…


Welcome to the official blog for 'The Cutting Room', a new piece of animated theatre currently being developed by Adam Peck, Chris Gylee and Joseph Wallace.

This work is being supported by Theatre Bristol, Bristol Old Vic and Tobacco Factory.

The first stage of 'The Cutting Room' will be shared at Prototype on October 4th at the Tobacco Factory. Please join us for this evening of newly scratched works, and help provide some valuable feedback on the results of the first 6 months of the project.

Adam, Chris & Joe